Turkish Darbuka

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    Darbuka is the first instrument coming to our minds when we speak about Turkish percussion instruments. We keep the rhythm of Turkish traditional music with darbuka, which is also called as doumbek or dumbelek. On the other hand, a solo darbuka performance is sufficient to catch you, take you away, or make you stand up and dance. Darbuka is classified among the single-headed drums. We provide you with a large selection of Turkish darbukas in our store. Turkish darbukas are, in general, made of metal or pottery. Traditionally, its head is made by a stretched skin, however now, the heads of darbukas are synthetic, and they can be tuned. These synthetic skins retain their pitch despite the temperature changes and humidity. We sell mostly Turkish darbukas made of metal and with synthetic skin that contemporary performers prefer nowadays because of their lightness and functionality. In our store, we make available different kinds of darbukas in diverse quality levels, meeting different needs in a range of sizes. We care that all the Turkish darbukas in our store are in good quality and fit for the purposes of the percussionists. The Turkish darbukas in our catalog are categorized as standard and special darbukas. The Turkish darbukas we sell in our store are manufactured by the best, local luthiers, each of which is an artisan. We have darbukas with skin diameters of 13, 15, and 18 cm made of metal by the renowned luthier Cumbus, who has been producing musical instruments with excellent quality since the 1900s. The heads of all of these darbukas are tunable and the darbukas even come to your hands with a tuning key. On the other hand, Turkish Bass Darbukas produced by Cumbus and Trirmusic, made of aluminum, are also available in our store. These models can be preferred because of their lightness. We are selling professional darbuka drums manufactured by Emin Percussion. These darbukas are again in metal, but their sizes are bigger than Cumbus’ copper darbukas, with skin dimeters ranging from 22 cm to 30,5 cm. Their body is copper, but they are chrome plated. They weigh heavier than darbukas made by Cumbus, and they sound bass. There are three models made by Emin Percussion being Professional Classic Bass, Professional Classic Medium Bass, and Professional Classic Solo Darbuka. Besides different materials and sizes, the darbukas or doumbeks we sell are in different colors. You can make your choice among black, metal or red darbukas. The colors and delicate ornaments on the darbukas present an aesthetic view, as well as each of them, constitute an example of traditional Turkish craft. You can have these beautiful sounding drums for the best prices from our store. We believe the prices of our Turkish darbukas are affordable and have the lowest prices on the market. We assure you to give you a refund if you find the same darbukas for better prices. We believe you will find here the most convenient darbuka for you, and we give you the opportunity to have this amazing percussion instrument for the best value.