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    The rhythm of Persian traditional music is set by Persian drums. Tombak (or tonbak) is one of these drums and our catalogue includes a wide range of tombak. Tombak is a percussion instrument under the membraphone family. It is also known aşkım “Zarb” which means beat. It is a goblet-shaped, wooden drum with a richer sound compared to the frame drums. They are mostly used in folk and entertainment music. The drum is made from a single block of walnut, ash or mulberry wood. The skin stretched on the top may be goatskin, camel skin, calfskin etc.

    All tombaks we sell are hand-made, constructed by well-known makers who have mastered their craft. Besides their quality, the ornaments on our tombaks are also attractive and reflect Persian culture. In order to see our various types of tombaks do not hesitate to visit our store in Istanbul or see various models in our catalogue through our website. You will probably find in our store the right tombak for you at the best value.