Syrian Oud


    In the vast oud family, the Syrian oud is grouped under the Arabic oud branch. It is a known fact that the Arabic oud is the most preferred oud instrument among the types of oud used in the world. It owes its popularity to its romantic, rich sound and deep timbre. The overtones generated by Syrian ouds are more vibrant. It is possible to tune a Syrian oud a half step or a whole step down because of the brightness of the lower-tension strings allow such tuning and compensate the extreme bass of the oud. The soundbox (bowls) of the Syrian ouds are heavier than the bowls of Turkish ouds since they have to stay solid against the heat and temperature differences. Their bowls are also bigger than Turkish ouds, and their sizes are almost standardized. It has been told that Syrian ouds have exceptional sonority and they have been famous as of the 19th century thanks to their maker, the Nahhat Brothers. The members of this family were as craftsmen, on a small scale. The members of the Nahhat family are the masters who gave the oud its pear shape, and they have produced extraordinary instruments following their research about the sonority of wood. Now, Syrian ouds pursue this tradition and are renowned for their exquisite timbre. Like Turkish ouds, Syrian ouds have six courses, five courses each with a pair of string, and one course with a single string. The extra string in the bass enables the instrument to generate more pitches and more color with microtones. In our store, we provide our customers with the opportunity to make a choice among standard, special, and professional ouds. You can select any kind of Syrian oud from the full range of ouds that are available in our store. The bowls, faces, and pegs of our Syrian ouds are all in high-quality. The materials used in the bowls of the Syrian ouds vary from walnut to plane and mahogany. Their faces are from spruce, while the tuning pegs and fingerboards are constructed from ebony. We sell good-quality, handmade professional, and special ouds. Surely, the best-quality ouds are handmade, and the ouds we sell in our store are produced by some of the best luthiers in the world. Do not forget to check the premium Syrian ouds that are available in our stores to experience real Syrian sound. We do our best to provide our customers with the best quality products in return for the most reasonable prices. On the other hand, in our stores, we make available standard Syrian ouds, which would be convenient for beginners, who have just begun to explore this authentic instrument. You can feel the real Syrian sound while you perform with our Syrian ouds made by worldwide known craftsmen. We can assure you will find the best Syrian oud for your needs among the oud types on our website. All of our ouds are made of high-quality products, and we offer the best prices for these extraordinary instruments.