Persian String Instruments

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    Among Persian string instruments, there are world-famous musical instruments. We can show Santur and Setar musical instruments as examples.

    Santur is known as one of the traditional saz types. It is played using small mallets. Santur is a musical instrument that can be played with other instruments or alone. Santur is also known for its resemblance to the law.

    Setar is a member of the Saz family. There are 27 moving frets (a fourth is 25 strings). Setar, of Persian origin, was widely used before the spread of Islam. Wood is used for the stem, metal for the strings, and bone for the decorations.

    Three different trees are used in the construction of the field, which consists of three parts. It is usually made from mulberry wood. There are four types of tar: the 86–89 cm long solo tar, the 83–86 cm long orchestral tar, the 72–76 cm long student tar, and the cura tar.

    Due to its weight, it was made into an instrument that could be played on the chest by lightening the tar that had to be played on the knee. Persian tar is five-stringed.

    Persian String Instruments are essential in the creation of idiosyncratic, tuneful and rich sound of Persian music. We have in our catalogue a wide range of Persian String Instruments such as Santoor, Setar, Tar, Tanboor, Dotar and Shourangiz.

    Except for Santoor which is a Hammer Dulcimer, the other strings mentioned here are long-necked lutes. Setar is used in Persian classical music. Tar possesses the same tonal range with setar and it is used in the folk music of eastern Iran. As for Shourangiz, it has been developed later than Tar and Setar, its board is a combination of wood and animal skin.

    This instrument sounds stronger than Setar but softer than Tar. We provide you in our catalogue with these unique instruments that are all hand-made, constructed by makers who have mastered their craft. Do not hesitate to visit our store or our website to decide which of these instruments you wish to buy. You will probably find here the right Persian string instrument for you at the best value.

    The tambur is a musical instrument with seven strings, four of which are yellow and three of which are steel. Sometimes there are eight strings. Today, eight-string drums are generally made. The plectrum of the tambur is obtained from a tortoise shell. Both ends of the plectrum, which is a rigid rod, are used. But the two ends are made slightly different from each other in order to achieve different timbres. The plectrum, which is held with the thumb, index, and middle fingers of the right hand, is struck not with its wide face but with its vertically narrow face. This beat makes the instrument sound full. There is no other instrument whose plectrum is held like this.