Daf Instrument - Frame Drum


    Handmade Persian Daf with Natural or Decorative Skins

    Persian Daf (daff, defi, erbane, duff, deff) is a frame drum found in many cultures and countries such as Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Greece etc. The daf in our store is Persian. It has a clangorous as well as cheerful sound. It has different sizes and it appears with or without metallic rings. Being in these various forms, daf can be used in varied social situations, from performances of Persian classical music or Sufî rituals to performances of street entertainers. We have a very wide range of daf in our catalogue. Their skin is either natural or synthetic. The ornaments reflecting Persian culture on the daf are as attractive as dafs high-quality. All Persian dafs in our store are hand-made, constructed by masters. In order to see our various types of daf do not hesitate to visit our store in Istanbul or see various models in our catalogue through our website. You will probably find in our store the daf you are looking for at the best value.

     Features of Dad Instrument

    The daf instrument is a classical percussion instrument. Daf instrument also has some features. For instance, the drum of a normal daf musical instrument has a diameter ranging from 20 to 40 centimeters. The width of the pulley can vary between 4 and 6 centimeters. A thin leather cover is stretched to this pulley, provided that it is in one or two places. According to the usage area, purpose and cultural characteristics of the daf musical instrument, bells can be attached around it. This is entirely up to the individual.

    There are also artistic decorations made in various ways on the Daf hoop. When visuality and aesthetics are added to a normal daf instrument along with some artistic works, its value in the market increases as well. Veneers made of various woods or embroideries of ivory and mother-of-pearl origin are examples of this type of decoration.

    Today, the daf instrument used especially in henna nights and weddings in rural areas is divided into two as bell-daf and bell-free daf. The daf instrument, which is held up in the air by hand and played both by striking and shaking in this way, produces a rhythmic sound every second it is shaken if it has a bell.