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    Although all ethnic musical instruments look like a whole from the outside, just like the human body, they consist of systems and accessories. Each accessory is actually the most important unit of that instrument. Units come together to form the main whole. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when choosing accessories. Within this framework, it is very important that both the instrument itself and the accessories have their own characteristics. For instance; when you have your own oud, it will perfectly fits into your hands and you will create your unique voice. That’s why you have to determine the specialties of its variant types and explore your preferred sound. Hand-made and high-quality ouds are made of spruce, maple, walnut, palisander and mahogany. Besides, being selective in the use of accessories such as rishas, hard cases, stands and strings provide advantages for the maintenance and use of the instrument. With an oud hard case that you will use, you can provide the best care for your oud. The wood regularly has to be exempted from dirt and dust, so you can use your instrument for many years as the first day.

    There are many accessories to be used for baglama saz, cumbus, darbuka, kamancheh, qanun and all other instruments. Strings and picks for saz baglama, skin for darbuka, trestle for kamancheh, hard case for darbuka, books for each instrument how to play it and more of them… Every accessory is very important for both the instrument and the person who owns it. Sometimes even a small piece that seems insignificant to you or an accessory you like for your instrument will help keep your interest in that instrument alive and keep you in touch with music. For this reason, it has been inevitable for music to affect many cultures and civilizations for centuries.