Where to Buy Musical Instruments in İstanbul

Istanbul is a city that has been ruled by 120 kaisers and emperors throughout history and has been the capital of three great civilizations. It is a city that has been the subject of books, movies, poems and songs. It is a unique city waiting to be discovered with the bridge connecting Asia and Europe. It has a very rich cultural values from the past to the present, together with being home to a large number of civilizations in history. 

Thanks to the cultural richness of Istanbul, it is easy to access many Istanbul musical instruments. Especially Turkish classical music has a wide variety and rich products with its history.

About Sala Muzik

A life without music is like a meal without salt. Music is one of the most important elements in our life. In order to produce the best musical sounds, you need an aesthetic and quality musical instrument. Sala Music gives you the chance to find different types of Turkish and Persian instruments for your musical creativity journey. 

As Sala Muzak, you can examine our musical instruments both on our website and physically by coming to our stores in Istanbul. You can discover a huge number of different styles of ethnic musical instruments through our website. Thanks to our catalogs, it contains a large number of Turkish, Persian, Azerbaijani and Arabic instruments that are world-renowned in different genres. Darbuka, Bendir, Riq and Drum are great options for your percussion needs. Daf, Tombak and Dayareh are other interesting alternatives to shop in this category.

Another important category in our store is string instruments. Saz, Oud, Baglama, Kemence, Kanun, Cumbus, Setar, Tar and Tanbour are excellent examples for ethnic string instruments. These instruments are great options if you want to add a bit of Oriental flavor to your music. We can also recommend you to buy the wind instruments Ney and Zurna, which are of great traditional value.

We are shipping worldwide including countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK and Israel. Our packaging process is done with great care and in an excellent way. Packages have two hard boxes, protective air nylons and foams.

All musical products are packaged two times so that no damage happens during the shipping process. We are working with experienced shipping companies which helps us to deliver your products on time.

How to Visit Sala Music

If you happen to be in Istanbul and you are thinking of buying a musical instrument, you should definitely stop by our stores. Our diverse and rich musical instruments await your visit in Istanbul. Some people may prefer to choose a musical instrument by touching it or by testing it if they know how to play it. On the other hand, you can choose a musical instrument suitable for you by choosing products in different styles for portable comfort.

In addition to buying a musical instrument, we can not only visit our store, which resembles a museum, and see musical instruments you have never seen before, but also provide you with instant information about the musical instruments you are interested in.


Sala Muzik Üsküdar

Sala Muzik Üsküdar is our first physical store located in Üsküdar district of Istanbul which our local store where you can discover Istanbul musical instruments. When you choose to shop from Sala Music, you have the advantage of purchasing the best quality ethnic instruments at affordable prices. Our Sala Müzik team is made up entirely of musicians, so we can choose the best instruments for our clients that best suit them. You can always have peace of mind in this regard.


Famous professional musicians prefer to shop in our store for our high quality products. All the instruments in our shop are made of durable material that will help musicians use it for a long time.


Sala Müzik Karaköy 


Our second store, which we opened after our store in Üsküdar, is located in the Karaköy district of Istanbul. Especially in Karaköy, which is a must-see for tourists, we are honored to host tourists in our store.


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