What is Nay Instrument? All About Nay Musical Instruments

What is Nay Instrument_ All About Nay Musical Instruments


With the simplest expression, Nay is a 7-hole, hollow 9-neck wind instrument. Nay instrument is regarded as one of the most important instruments of Classical Turkish Music and especially Sufi Music. Although Nay has appeared in many different civilizations from time to time in many different periods of time, it gained its real identity during the Ottoman Empire. Especially in the process of completing the Sufi Music's self-completion, Nay instrument was most prominent in the lodges. When the great composers who have acquired important places in Classical Turkish Music and Sufi Music will be seen, almost all of these composers carry the title of neyzen

Nay instrument

Nay, one of the most characteristic instruments of Turkish music, has 7 holes, 6 of which are in the front and 1 in the back. The big part of this exquisite instrument is the body. These holes are located on this body, allowing for notes and sounds to be printed. Another important feature of Nay musical instrument is that its harmony in Classical Turkish Music is determined according to it. There are 12 kinds of this amazing instrument.


Nay musical instrument


If we list these varieties and their decision sounds (what sounds a piano or a concert instrument corresponds to, what is called the tone of a piano or a chord instrument).

  • Kız Nay = rast (sol )
  • Mansur Nay = dügâh (la)
  • Şah Nay = bûselik (si)
  • Dâvud Nay = çârgâh (do)
  • Bolâhenk Nay = nevâ (re)
  • Sipürde Nay = hüseynî (mi)
  • Müstahsen Nay = acem (fa)
  • Kız Nay (kaba) = gerdâniye (sol)
  • Kız Mabeyni: Between Kız Nay - Mansur Nay = zirgüle (sol sharp)
  • Mansur Mâbeyni: Between Mansur Nay- Şah = kürdî (si flat)
  • Dâvud Mâbeyni: Between Dâvud – Bolâhenk = hicaz (do sharp)
  • Bolâhenk Mâbeyni: Between Bolâhenk – Sipürde Nay = hisar (re sharp)
  • Müstahsen Mâbeyni: Between Müstahsen – Kız Nay = ırak (fa sharp)

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What is the Nay Made of?

What needs to be examined primarily structural features. Nay instrument consists of 3 separate sections and these sections are as follows:


What is the Nay Made of?


  • Reed: Reed is used to make Nay musical instrument. The climate grows in wetlands, where n is usually hot. The reed that will be suitable for is determined by the ney producer and cut in the region determined at the determined times of the year. The most well known reed region in our country is shown as the Asi River shore in Hatay city. This plant, which is also named kargi, can be found in regions where the Mediterranean climate is seen. An aphid plant, which generally has a 6-meter dye, tends to grow by 5 cm per day in the spring months, if the amount of water in its environment allows it.
  • Başpare: It can also be produced from materials like ivory, your sister, boxwood, which are usually made of buffalo horn. Attaches to the blown top of the main ney instrument that makes the sound louder and cleaner.
  • Parazvane: The parazvaane produced in metals such as silver and copper is placed in the upper and lower cutting areas, which are the most sensitive parts of the Nay musical instrument. Thus, the damages that may occur by wearing the head parebib on the top are prevented, and the precautions against the cracks are taken at the bottom and precautions are provided.


How to Get Sound From Nay Instrument?

It is assumed that getting a sound from the Nay instrument is quite difficult. It’s one of the most popular “fact” regarding this instrument. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A maximum of one week of study may be sufficient to get a sound from the Nay instrument. The main challenge is to get a sound that can process the Sufi depth represented by the Nay instrument. This requires a lot of hard work.

Nay is a humane tool in Sufi terminology. The 7 holes in the Nay musical instrument represent the 7 levels of consciousness in a person. Sufi music comes to life through sheet music.

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How to Get Sound From Nay Instrument?


In order to make a sound from Nay, it is necessary to hold the ney without closing any holes of the instrument. If the neyzen is left-handed, the headjoint should be tilted to the right. It’s the opposite fort he right-handed neyzens.

After the headjoint is docked, whistle should be blown at 15 or 20 degree angles. The angle should be changed if there is no sound. The important thing is that no air should be released from the part where it is heard, and the whistling should not be released.

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