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What Is Bendir? How To Play Bendir?



Percussion instruments, which are among the ancient instruments of human history, are diversified according to their characteristics, production styles and sound structures. Considering all these, different percussion instruments with local features have emerged and have survived to the present day.

It is perhaps the oldest of these tools. While percussion instruments have been used since the first existence of human beings, it is mentioned by historians that Bendir is also the oldest musical instrument. It is widely used not only in our country, but also in Ancient Egypt, North Africa and Mesopotamia regions. The conducted researches show that it came to Turkey from Mesopotamia.


It maintains its current position, especially as a musical instrument of religious music. It is known to be effective for transitions to rhythm and consciousness, which are also included in traditional Sufi music rules. For this reason, it is used effectively in this type of music. It is more common in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya region. In addition, this percussion instrument is used in North Africa and Ireland.


While providing an effective voice and a calm rhythm, it accompanies local melodies in many rituals and ceremonies. It has several features that differ from other Def and Tambourines. Apart from these, it is generally similar.


What are the types of Bendir?

Bendir, which has differences in shape in itself; it can be varied according to size, leather and tuning features. The leathers used in making Bendir; It comes in three main ways: real leather, artificial leather (from clay) and film. In addition to this, tuning features emerge in two different ways among Bendir varieties. These are auger tuning and external tuning system.


There are also types such as Moroccan drum, Bas Bendir, Udem and Erbane. These types generally arise from formal differences and their voices can differ significantly from each other. The timbre of the bent to be used varies according to the type of music to be made.


Made in real leather, the voice of Bendir is tougher and simpler. And it sounds comfortable. The tunings of these Bendirs can be provided with the help of heat and water. There are also no tools for tuning. Some benches have one or two rows of rings inside. These rings also help to give a richer sound during playing.




It also has some differences physically. It has a diameter of 40-50 cm and a circle of 6-7 cm. There is also a light groove on the outer edge of the hoop for comfortable grip. Bendir, which can be of different sizes such as 40-50-55-60 cm, also differs with its circle features. While it has been used in many countries since the 12th century, it is frequently used in folk music and hymns in Turkey.


Tuning is done in the form of inner stretching, outer allen and heating. Here, the physical form of the material and the material produced are important. The ones that use the film generally have an external tuning system.


In Bendirs, which are artificial leather, internal or external tuning system is used. This is the defining feature of Bendir varieties. At the same time, the quality and structure of the skin will differentiate the features of the sound.

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How to play Bendir?

A traditional and especially religious instrument, Bendir is played around two main voices. In order to provide the main rhythms as Düm and Tek, different beat techniques are applied to the Bendirs with different features.


Flick technique; In order to steal from me, this hit technique appears in the first stage. This process is achieved by touching and pulling the finger tips with the finger tips. Flick is a technique used mostly for genuine leather Bendir. In this way, the sound will have a more saturated and special tone.


When using touch stroke technique; Fingers hit harder and with a larger area. It can be used in all Bendir instruments except for real leather. Bendir holdings also vary according to the size and technique of the tool. Generally, the Bendirin ring has a recess for placing fingers. However, this groove does not occur in wide circles. In some cases, it can be played by putting a string.


Rings that increase the timbre reinforce a mystical sound that gives a more special timbre in rituals and religious ceremonies. When the rhythm of the rings is added to the satiated sound used, an incredible awe occurs. Bendir, which nurtures the soul and provides calmness, is therefore more sought after as a religious instrument.

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