What Is A Frame Drum, What Makes It Special?

Music is considered the common language and heritage of humanity. Music has always preserved its existence from the past to the present and has continued to develop day by day. Since technology was not as advanced as it is today, human beings have developed some musical instruments to entertain themselves and have fun. They produced musical instruments from trees, animal skins, bells, and many more. They made musical instruments such as drums, flutes and saz by carving trees in line with their possibilities. Of course, these instruments were not very advanced at that time. For example, they invented the frame drum that makes a sound by hitting. This musical instrument was played by hand or with the help of a mallet at that time. As time progressed and technology improved, the instrument was developed and is still in use today.

It is quite possible to see a musical instrument in different parts of the world. People inspired each other to produce and play the same instrument. However, we cannot ignore the fact that every instrument carries traces of the region in which it was produced. For example, when we hear the sound of a frame drum instrument or see this instrument somewhere, we think of the areas where it first appeared or where it has been played a lot. This shows how much we protect our ethnic music, our musical culture and our sense of ownership.

What Is Frame Drum?

frame drum

The frame drum is one of the oldest percussion instruments known as drums. The name varies from region to region. It is known as the oldest musical instrument. The frame drum instrument produces a sound as a result of hitting it. In ancient times, it was made of raw leather, but today, different materials can be used. Frame drums do not have much depth. Their diameters may vary. You can find frame drums in different sizes. The frame drum is a very easy instrument to play. Hands, fingers and sticks can be used to play this instrument. Cymbal can also be placed around the frame to make different sounds.


History Of Frame Drum

frame drum

Frame drums are among the oldest and most widely used instruments. His name is mentioned in almost every remote region and culture of the world. The same instrument may be called by different names in different parts of the world. The frame drum is part of ethnic music. In ancient times, people sang to pass the time and have fun while sifting grain. In this process, they would make sounds by hitting the sieve rhythmically to remove the sediments in the sieve. When the mesh of the sieve got old, they would throw it away and instead they would cover the frame with animal skin. In short, it is said that the instrument emerged in this way and then took the name of the frame drum.


What Is The Difference Of Frame Drum?

frame drum

The frame drum is the first drum that was invented, which is its primary difference. The fact that it has a single drum head made of rawhide can be considered as another difference. Also, the frame drum can be played in any position. The person who will play the instrument can sit or stand. You can dance while playing this instrument.


Where Is The Frame Drum From?

frame drum

The frame drum is found in many regions and cultures, but the first place where it appeared is known as Mesopotamia.

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