Top 10 Best Known Oriental Instruments

Top 10 Best Known Oriental Instruments


The word oriental means unique to eastern countries in terms of meaning. Different tunes are heard from all over the world. Each region has its own characteristics of dance and music. Of course, besides this, oriental instruments are needed to make these melodies a beautiful rhythm. Thanks to these instruments, it contributes to the fact that the region or the region is completely unique in music.


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There are many types of music and even dances in the world. In Turkey too often possible to hear the word belly. Therefore, which instruments should be used when playing oriental music is an important issue. If the music of each region tries to be played anonymously, the music will lose harmony and leave its essence.

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What is Oriental Music?

In general terms, the word meaning oriental to the eastern countries and regions is called oriental. This name, which is mostly known as traditional middle east dance music, is still popular today. The word oriental music in original features is the symbol of fertility and strength in ancient times. It has transfer from generation to generation.

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There is also a special dance type for music. This is called belly dance. Rhythms compatible with the melodies are kept. People who dance with this music genre known as the symbol of fertility have the understanding that they will live in abundance for life. Nowadays, the purpose of entertainment is stripped from these thoughts. But in the past people used to describe it as a form of pleading with God. Oriental musical instruments derives its origin from Arabs. Thanks to this type of music, dating back thousands of years, Arabs still reflect their own culture. the genre has existed in Turkey is very colorful and includes encouraging people to dance rhythms. Many of those who listen to oriental music to the rhythm and dance. What accomplishes this is the oriental instruments.

What is Oriental Instruments?

In creating this kind of music, which is unique to the east, certain tools should be used. Otherwise, cultural conflicts may occur. Therefore, when singing melodies, an instrument specific to that region should be used. Arab culture with the oriental musical instruments ranging Turkey continues to make a difference. The instruments used when creating oriental music tunes are:

  • Percussion Instruments: Darbuka – Doumbek – Tremble and Ping Cymbals – Oriental Keyboard – Oriental Rhythmic Piano – Oriental Drum Kits (Stitched and leathered drum types) – Kalimba – Kick Pad– Bendir
  • Wind Instruments: Harmonica – Clarinet – Flute – Obue
  • Stringed Instruments: Fretboard Guitar – Harp – Baglama – Oud – Tamboura – Cumbush – Mandolin – Qanun


oriental musical instruments


The above types of instruments can be used as oriental musical instruments. In general, combinations within a music are created as 3 instruments. Solo or more than five instruments are not used together to achieve harmony.

Top 10 Oriental Instruments

There are many types of musical instruments for oriental music. You can get brand new music thanks to their combinations. The top 10 oriental instruments are as follows:

  1. Qanun: It is widely used in the Middle East and North Africa. Input harmony can be made.
  2. Darbuka: It is used to create all kinds of percussion rhythm and kicks.
  3. Doumbek: It is used to create treble sounds and kicks similar to Darbuka. Solo doumbek can also be used.
  4. Drum: It is the simplest instrument used. The leather is formed from two stretched pulleys. The gavel is played by shooting.
  5. Oud: It is a very old instrument. In terms of its origin, it can be used in many types of music. It is the most solo way to convey rhythm and emotion. Great oriental music is obtained when flour and law are used together.
  6. Clarinet: Access to music is usually done with clarinets. It is by far the most impressive among the top 10 oriental musical instruments. A very good breath is required to play the clarinet.
  7. Tremble and Ping Cymbals: It is used to add more colors. 
  8. When using darbuka or a rudder, this music tune is inserted.
  9. Bendir: Although it is more common in Classical Turkish Music, it is one of the most frequently used instruments in oriental music.
  10. Flute: It is played with less breath and limited notes than clarinet. Therefore, it is not preferred to use it in a solo form. It can be used towards the end of the music.
  11. Oriental Piano: It is used to give music a synth effect in terms of rhythms and sound quality. Less heard in music.


types of oriental musical instruments

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