Tips To Playing The Saz-Baglama Instrument Better

Saz has been used in many civilizations until today. Reed strings made from animal intestines in ancient times are made of metal strings today. It is named as small size, medium size and large size according to the baglama family. Saz is an instrument with all melodies and a very effective sound. 

Don't neglect finger exercises.

Exercises: These are the works that have a very important place in saz baglama playing. In this way, finger exercises both strengthen your fingers and make it easier for you to dominate the musical instrument as you wish. In addition, it increases your command of Saz baglama and allows you to clearly press the sounds you need by moving comfortably in difficult and fast tracks. A consciously created exercise will raise your level. Exercises are not only for baglama but also for all musical instruments.

Never underestimate any exercise. Try to do as much exercise as possible. In your first studies, work at a slow tempo, and by pressing the sounds clearly, you will realize that you accelerate over time. It's always better to go slowly and step by step to be sure at the very beginning.

The biggest benefit of exercise is that you gain muscle memory. As you practice, you can even unintentionally gain the ability to play with your eyes closed.

Although it may seem like a little, with an efficient 30-minute work program that you will allocate daily, it will help you reach your desired goals in a much shorter time.

Start with your favorite songs.

You can start with a song to motivate yourself. If there is a bond between you and the piece you love, you can work more lovingly. Although such steps may seem simple, they will positively affect your work.

Improve your musical notation knowledge

Music is primarily the work of adding your emotions, and it is the art of expressing the feelings and thoughts that artists cannot put into words through music. Music itself is an art form. For example, to learn a language, you need to learn the letters, while the notes are the letters of the musical alphabet, and they are written and read with them. If you want to understand and perform your music correctly, it must be learned and performed with its notes. In this way, your playing ability will improve very quickly. As you grasp the notes, you will come to the point where you can play very comfortably and professionally.

You can learn to play an instrument without notes, but it will be difficult to learn this way, and you will not be able to retain any information in your mind. If you forget the song you play tomorrow, you have to look at the notes. Your unrecorded information will disappear over time. Words fly, but writing remains.


Feel free to take lessons from a professional teacher.

Especially if you want to learn saz baglama in your learning process with confidence. It will be very beneficial for you to start training with the help of a professional teacher. Getting training with an experienced person will add a vision to you. It will not only help you learn and play the notes, but also teach you unknown tricks. For example, it is even important in which position you will play the saz baglama musical instrument. Of course, you can try to learn from home by listening to lessons online, but if you improve yourself with a professional teacher, you will know important tricks that will enable you to play better by seeing your mistakes that you did not notice.

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Be patient while learning the Saz-Baglama.

As with any learning journey, it is very important to be patient. It is very important that you take firm steps forward by setting small goals for yourself every day. If you try to pass the lessons quickly, over time, it may cause you to repeat the previous lessons frequently. It will be much better for you to move on to a new topic after you have learned exactly one subject.

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