The Saz: An Enchanting Instrument at the Heart of Turkish Folk Music


What is the Saz?


The saz is a stringed instrument with a deep historical background. It originates from Central Asia and plays a significant role in Turkish folk music. As a member of the bağlama family, the saz captivates listeners with its rich tones and profound melodies.

History of the Saz

History of the Saz

The saz has its roots in Central Asia and became widespread in Anatolia during the Seljuk period. During the Ottoman Empire, folk poets frequently used it, and it has since become an indispensable part of Turkish folk music.


Types of Saz

Type of Sazs


The saz comes in various sizes and tones, including:


1. Bağlama: The most common type of saz, with a broad repertoire.

2. Cura: The smallest type, known for its high-pitched tone.

3. Tambura: Larger than the bağlama, offering deeper tones.

4. Divan Sazı: The largest type, typically with a long neck.

5. Electric Saz: A thrilling modern adaptation of the traditional saz, the electric saz offers amplified sound and a wide range of sound effects. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for contemporary music settings and fusion genres, sparking new possibilities for musicians.


How to Play the Saz

How to Play the Saz


Playing the saz requires proper techniques and regular practice. Here are some basic tips to get started:


1. Proper Holding: Holding the saz correctly ensures comfort and better control while playing.

2. Finger Positions: Learning the correct finger positions on the strings is crucial.

3. Pick Techniques: Proper pick (mizrap) techniques bring out the best sound from the saz.

4. Consistent Practice: Regular and disciplined practice is key to improving your saz playing skills.


The Importance of the Saz in Turkish Folk Music


The saz plays a vital role in Turkish folk music, both as a solo and accompanying instrument. It expresses the emotions, sorrows, and joys of the people through the words of the folk poets. From village weddings to city concerts, the saz is widely used and cherished. The introduction of the electric saz has brought a new dimension to this traditional instrument, allowing it to blend seamlessly into modern music genres.


Saz at Sala Muzik


At Sala Muzik, we offer a wide range of saz options. From beginners to professionals, we have high-quality saz for all skill levels. In addition to traditional saz types, we also offer electric saz options for those looking to explore contemporary music styles. You can find the perfect saz to meet your needs at Sala Muzik.


Things to Consider When Buying a Saz


When purchasing a saz, there are several important factors to consider:


1. Quality and Material: The material and craftsmanship of the saz are crucial.

2. Tone and Sound Quality: Always test the sound quality before buying.

3. Comfort and Usability: The size and weight of the saz should ensure comfort while playing.

4. Price and Performance: Choose the saz that offers the best performance within your budget.

5. Electric vs. Acoustic: Decide whether you want a traditional acoustic saz or an electric saz based on your musical preferences and performance needs.




The saz is an enchanting instrument that embodies the spirit of Turkish folk music. At Sala Muzik, we take pride in offering the highest quality saz, including electric saz, and excellent customer service. For more information about the saz and to find the perfect one for you, visit our Sala Muzik store or contact us.

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