The Psychological Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Music is the most beautiful expression of our emotions. It is a very special detail that is good for the human spirit. Playing a musical instrument is counted among the activities that improve our brain. Scientists have also found that playing a musical instrument has a positive effect on the structure and function of the brain. In addition, musical activity can improve long-term memory. Conversely, it strengthens memory and reading abilities. Because in order to play the pieces, you have to memorize the notes first. In this way, you are practicing every day, even if unintentionally. In this way, your brain will always be working actively. As you know, reading is done through common neural and cognitive mechanisms.

Helping to reduce stress and relax

Music reduces stress and depression. In a study of cancer patients, researchers found that playing and listening to music reduced anxiety disorder. Another study found that music therapy lowered the risk of depression and anxiety disorders. Playing music is also known to reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels. Many musicians may want to express their feelings by playing a musical instrument when they are sad. However, playing music can feel like therapy to some people.

Improving attention and concentration

Playing a musical instrument also strengthens social connections. Simply put, if you start playing a musical instrument somewhere at school, probably within minutes, many people will come to you and listen to your music and want to meet you. Moreover, by gathering people together, you actually create a social environment.

As you get positive feedback from people, your motivation to steal increases day by day, and you get the chance to continue playing with the same motivation every day in order to reach more people.

Musicians can perceive many things at once. And their perceptions may also be clearer than other people's. Because, as mentioned above, making music forces a person to perceive many stimuli at the same time. In this way, people gain high-level multi-sensing abilities. There is also the possibility of eliminating this problem for students who have a focus problem.

It takes time and effort to play a musical instrument. In order to meet these conditions, you need to have a certain order and concentration. You can feel a positive contribution to your life and other works when you are well-planned.

Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem

Learning and playing a musical instrument strengthens the executive functions of the brain. In this way, the person can play the musical instrument much more confidently. Of course, this is valid provided that you do intensive training with lots of repetitions beforehand. As he or she practices, the person who recognizes and corrects his/her mistakes will be able to play near-perfectly in time. Afterwards, with the positive feedback from people, the motivation to steal becomes much higher every day. After all, if you're not motivated at work, you can be as talented as you want, but it won't last.That's why it's so important to keep motivation alive. Gaining skills by improving yourself in a new area always positively affects your self-confidence.


Encouraging creativity and innovative thinking

Playing music allows one to express himself correctly. Creativity comes to the fore even more in people who are constantly trying to produce. Because of constant practice, it can create very different new music over time. At the same time, since it is an area that requires constant thinking, the mind of the person develops in a positive way.

Increasing feelings of success and happiness

Playing musical instruments makes people happy. Not only do you make the person happy, you will also affect the people around you in a positive way, making them happy as well. Yet, knowing how to play a musical instrument is an achievement in itself. Because the learning process is both time-consuming and tiring, not everyone can be successful at playing a musical instrument. That's why it's a very special feeling to enjoy being able to play a musical instrument.

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