The Difference Between Turkish and Arabic Darbuka 

The Turkish darbuka is not much different from the Arabic darbuka. However, there are many differences despite the similarities. These differences play a critical role in the formation of various sounds. Sometimes it even helps create a new genre of music. The most significant physical difference between the Turkish darbuka and the Arabic darbuka is that the Turkish darbuka has open edges that provide greater control and playability. Accordingly, the finger-snapping technique, which has become synonymous with the darbuka, can be best performed in the Turkish darbuka. You can continue reading our article for detailed information about Turkish darbuka.  

Some Advantages of Turkish Darbuka over Arabic Darbuka  


Some Advantages of Turkish Darbuka Compared to Arabic Darbuka

One of the most significant features of Turkish darbuka is its close relationship with Turkey's rich musical culture. It was developed there and became one of Turkey's most important musical instruments. The body of the Turkish darbuka is made of copper shells, unlike the aluminium shell. In addition, the Turkish darbuka is extremely light compared to the Arabic Darbuka. One of the features you cannot see in Arabic darbuka is that you can find the keys of the Turkish darbuka outside its mouth.

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Turkish Darbuka Prices        


Darbuka keeps the rhythm in Turkish traditional music. It is an essential percussion instrument used in traditional music in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans. 

A stretched skin is attached to its head, but now darbuka’s head can also be in plastic, and these heads can be tuned with a key. Darbuka is one of our best-selling instruments, and in our catalogue, we provide you with a range of darbukas used in different regions.

Many instruments like the darbuka were used centuries ago. People sent messages to each other by making sounds with instruments like darbuka back then to communicate. On the other hand, the quality of the darbuka differs according to the material used. So, depending on the material, the price also increases. You can visit our website for Sala Music's current darbuka prices.

Turkish Darbuka Types


The body of the Turkish darbuka is made of iron or aluminium. Also, synthetic leather is used at the head of the instrument. There are multiple screws on the head around the skin for adjustment. The body of the Turkish darbuka is made of iron or aluminium. Also, synthetic leather is used at the head of the instrument. Although it differs in some species, its overall dimensions are 22 cm in length and 29 cm in diameter.

The traditional Turkish darbuka is made of copper or kept under the arm. It also rests on the leg. Two hands are used to produce more than 50 different sounds at the mouth and head of the drum. The Turkish darbuka is a percussion instrument used in weddings and engagements. The darbukas in our catalogue are divided into two standard and special darbukas according to their quality. We believe that you will find the most suitable darbuka for you here at the most affordable price.

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