Main Persian Woodwind Instruments

Every country has an art history. The basis of the difference in the art is the tastes of the people of the region. The musical culture of every nation has been transferred from generation to generation over the years. Since the origin of Iranian music is based on the Persian empire, it would not be wrong to say Persian music. In parallel with the developments in the 20th century, social changes have started at every level of society. Persians started to play new Persian instruments by developing their musical culture. So what are Persian woodwind instruments, and what are their names? You can continue reading our article to find out what you are wondering about Persian woodwind instruments. Here are features of the principal Persian woodwind instruments!


About Persian woodwind instruments         


Woodwind instruments such as flutes and pipes are instruments that convert air into sound. These vocal musical instruments have various points for air to enter or exit. The air being blown is circulated inside the musical instruments, and this circulation creates sound through vibrations. In woodwind instruments, notes are adjusted by increasing or decreasing the path of the air. The sound gets thicker as the holes are also closed.


What Are The Persian Woodwind Instruments       


Persian Woodwind instrument categories are Iranian Ney and Dozaleh. Ney has an influential place in Iranian classical music orchestras as well as in rural and urban music. This musical instrument is also a flute and has a unique, sad, and soothing sound.


The Dozaleh, on the other hand, is a double-pipe clarinet with a sharp timbre and a powerful voice at high pitches. One of Dozaleh's pipes acts as a drone; the other plays a melody. This instrument is mostly used in happy ceremonies. All the Persian wind instruments we sell are handmade and made by masters. Do not hesitate to visit us in Istanbul to see Iranian wind instruments in our store; you can also view various ney and dozaleh models in our catalog on our website. You will probably find the right Persian ney or dozaleh for you in our shop at the best price.


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Common Features of Persian Woodwind Instruments     


Woodwind instruments are instruments that convert air into sound. These musical instruments have various points for the air to enter or exit. The air being blown is circulated inside this musical instrument, and this circulation creates sound through vibrations.


In some woodwind instruments, the sound is obtained with the help of reeds; Woodwind instruments consist of a hollow, cylindrical body. When it is blown from the mouthpiece, the sound is obtained by the vibration of the air column inside of the body.


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