How to Turn Your Guitar Into a Microtonal Guitar

A microtonal guitar is a fretless guitar-like guitar on which short, moving frets are added to the channel under each string. The difference between this guitar from the fretless guitar is, of course, that it has frets. Thanks to the tiny frets between the two frets, it is possible to play the music that cannot be played with a typical guitar, such as Makam music, Renaissance, and Baroque period music.

Many musicians from all over the world compose with the microtonal guitar and even give live concerts. So where can you buy a microtonal guitar? You can continue reading our article to learn about this type of guitar.

What Is The Microtonal Guitar?


Tolgahan Çoğulu designed the adjustable microtonal guitar. The reputation of Çoklu, who developed the microtonal guitar, was heard by all music circles in the world from Turkey.

With this guitar designed by polyphony, it is possible to obtain both the sounds of classical western music and all the subtle sounds of Turkish folk and art music.

The structure of the adjustable microtonal guitar is based on three primary purposes. These are as follows:


  • Playing Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, Indian, Balinese, Chinese, Breton music on the guitar
  • Ability to play microtonal music in contemporary classical western music
  • Being able to play the tuning systems other than the equal temperament system

Where Can You Buy a Microtonal Guitar?


Tolgahan Çoğulu designed adjustable Microtonal Guitar in 2008, and in the same year, Istanbul Technical University Dr. Within the body of Erol Üçer Center for Advanced Studies in Music, Prof. It was accepted and financed as a scientific research project under the direction of Şehvar Beşiroğlu and its construction was completed in 2009 by Ekrem Özkarpat. Instead of buying a microtonal guitar, you can also make your guitar microtonal. To make your guitar microtonal, you need to use additional frets. There are two different ways to procure these curtains. These are as follows:


  • You can contact Sala Music, which deals with the making, maintenance, and repair of musical instruments, and ask them to assist you in this matter.
  • You can get help in this regard by visiting Tolgahan Çoğulu's website.


Click to turn your guitar into a microtone.

How to Play Microtonal Guitar?


In pitched instruments such as piano and guitar, each octave consists of 12 semitones. Wherever you press your finger between any two pitches, you will reach the same sound. To reach coma sounds on a fretted guitar, you need to move your hand left and right while your finger is pressed, or you need to stretch the string by pulling it up or down. Naturally, you're already getting comatose sounds on the fretless guitar. These microtonal sounds are the reason why instruments with semi-tone pitches, such as guitar and piano could not enter Turkish music. You can contact us for more detailed information about playing the microtonal guitar.

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