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In this video we explain How to tune a Turkish Oud.

The most popular tuning is Re - La - Mi - Si - Fa# - Do#

In this Video we explain this tuning. But you can use other tunings also.

Here other tunings ;

Re - La - Mi - Si - Fa# - Do# 
Re - La - Mi - Si - La - Mi
Re - La - Mi - Si - Fa# - Si
Re - La - Mi - Si - La - Re
Re - La - Mi - Si - Sol - Re

Which video must be next ?



  • Posted on by Anthony Archer

    I eould like to get a fill range of these oud video lessons dpoken in Turkish with English subtitles please. I have just started to teach myself Oud snd know some Turidh lNguage. I need to study the videos slowly o er and again

  • Posted on by Walt Poor

    My son has an oud. In principle he knows how to tune it, similar to tuning his other string instruments. However, the pegs won’t stay put in their sockets (if that is what they are called). :Very soon after he tunes a string, the peg turns, and the string goes flat. Solution?

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