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How To Play Duduk Instrument Effectively?


The history of the Duduk instrument dates back to ancient times. Duduk, an Armenian instrument, fascinates the audience with its mystical sound. Duduk, which is in the class of woodwind instruments, has spread to many cultures. Duduk has influenced music for centuries and has been played with love. At the same time, it has traditionally become inseparable from the cultural identity and celebrations of all Armenians. Its voice and physical form have defied centuries and survived to the present day.

All About Duduk Instrument


Let's get to know the duduk instrument in a little more detail. Duduk is a woodwind instrument with a cylindrical structure. It is made of wood and the trees used in its construction are mostly plum and apricot. It consists of three parts, the body, the reed, and the pitch regulator. The head part, which makes the sound come out, is obtained from the reeds. There are nine holes; eight holes in the front and one hole in the back. This instrument, which is widely used in Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and many cultures, continues to be called by many different names.


How To Play Duduk Step By Step?


It is very important that the reed opens correctly before you start. Generally, the mouth of the reed is closed, you can make it ready by dripping a few drops of water into the instrument. It is very important to learn the correct breathing skills from the beginning. Accordingly, inhalation should be fast and deep, and exhalation should be slow and steady. There are three types of respiration. These are chest or ribs, abdomen or diaphragm, mixed or thoracic abdomen. Mixed breathing exercises should be done for students. It is very important to remove the reed from the duduk body when the playing is finished. You can reduce the tension of the rod by pushing the regulator up to the cover.


 Is It Hard To Play Duduk?


We cannot give a definite answer to this because it is up to you. It is not easy to play any musical instrument well. It takes time, lots of practice, and perseverance. You need a good trainer to learn to play the duduk because in the western world there are not many good trainers for duduk playing. We say that a good trainer is necessary because you have to learn how to apply the techniques in order to make the sounds that fascinate you. If you have previous experience with woodwind instruments, it may be easier for you to play the duduk. Many students state that playing the duduk is difficult at first, but with patience and good instructors, they have overcome it.


The duduk instrument, similar to what we have seen in many cultures, continues to fascinate us all with its sound. Duduk playing is an instrument that requires patience, but it is worth your time. You can browse our page to reach Duduk models. Keep following Sala Music for more information and instrument variants.


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