How To Make Sound From A Ney




As you know the origin of the word ney dates back many years. In Sumerian culture, it is known that the ney came from the family of a wind instrument named "na." Na used to be made from cane. The person who plays the ney is called "nayi" in Arabic and "neyzen" in Farsi.

Important points about ney

Ney is a technically powerful and fretless instrument that is rich in application possibilities. One of the first things people started to learn ney is the traditional idiom "Ney is not played, it is blown." In short, we can say Ney's does not reflect  soul and is a wind instrument. Making a healthy sound from Ney is the first obstacle for a beginner. After choosing the right or left blow according to personal choice, it is a habit that should be gained in the first step by the Neyzen candidate to find the lip position and blow angle appropriate to his own lip and structure of the tooth by trial and error and to make this position sit in a smooth sound. For this reason, it should be focused on the neva sound, which is the easiest sound from Ney.  

Ney, sitting on the chair at right angles, our body should be blown in a position that is slightly curved upwards from the waist. When blowing ney, the more round the opening in the middle of your lip, the better the sound. Also it is necessary to have thick lips to play the ney. 




The importance of time in Ney

Ney's voice becomes more and more beautiful as time goes on. However, this change in timbre character is very evident in ney. As the ney is blown, the interior of the reed darkens over time.This occurs in a very slow process and usually begins as a small spot on average 6 months after the ney starts to blow.During this process until the whole interior of the ney is darkened, the sound from the ney becomes more and more different and gains a rich and impressive character.


How long does it take to learn ney?

The apprenticeship period of an instrument usually takes at least five to six years, depending on ability and competence.Because a neyzen candidate who does not overcome technical difficulties cannot be expected to succeed in advanced stages such as sound color, musicality, nuances and ney attitude. As seen in language training, regular practice is important in playing an instrument. Until this process is over, some easy to perform works can be studied as etudes. Since ney is a fretless and hard to learn instrument, one who does not have enough training in music must work under the supervision of an instructor.


In this video we explain How to Make Sound From A Ney



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