How to Choose Oud?

As with everything else when choosing an oud, the oud faced by the buyer and the purchasing power play an influential role. If we add the taste of the buyer, it is necessary to examine the issue under three main headings when determining the quality of the oud selection

  • Appearance – Weight – Robustness
  • Audio-related features
  • Usage (Ease of Playing) related features

Playing the oud is an essential talent. To use your oud for many years, you need to choose a quality oud. How to choose oud, what is the importance of selecting oud, and how do you protect and store your oud? Continue reading our article to learn the criteria you need to know about the selection of oud.


What Are The Different Types of Ouds?


There are lots of oud types. The types are as follows:


  1. Turkish Oud

Boat Length: 49.5 cm.

Handle Length: 19.5 cm.


  1. Arab Oud

Boat Length: 51.5 cm.

Handle Length: 20 cm.


  1. Syrian Oud

Boat Length: 52 cm.

Handle Length: 20.5 cm.


  1. Iraq Oud

Boat Length: 49.5 cm.

Handle Length: 19.5 cm.


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What Is The Best Oud for Beginners?


We can list the things that beginners or amateur oud users should pay attention to when buying oud as follows:

Besides the quality of the company from which you will buy the oud, how long you will use the oud is also significant. "Do you want to buy a lute that you will use for a long time, or do you want to buy a lute that will manage you for a short time?" These are essential.

Knowing the dryness of the material from which the oud is made, the trees used for the oud, and whether it is suitable for making oud. Measuring the quality of the oud strings and the distance between the oud strings and the cover, information like this helps you how to choose the oud.

Our company works with a 100% guarantee for the oud you buy. We wish to have long-term cooperation with all our customers who have bought an oud.


Should I Buy a Turkish or Arabic Oud?


The Turkish oud is a type of oud that is more widely used in the world than the Arabic one. The Turkish oud, which has a loud and sharp sound, is also lighter in weight than the other. It gives a clean sound without any scratching.

The Turkish oud is more different from than Arabic oud with its 11 or 12-string structure. It has a unique lane among the types of ouds. Extensive sound characteristics emerge from these strings. Turkish oud can be played in such a way that more specific timbres can be heard. Many trees can be used in binary or single forms. The strings, which can produce a sound of 3 octaves, make the Turkish oud even more preferable. Thanks to its unique structure, it easily takes place in Turkish music.  Check out our products.

As Sala Muzik, we aim to provide you with the best service. Follow us to learn more about the instrument in the Middle East, view our products, and for more information!  You can visit our youtube channel


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