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How Can You Keep Your Musical Instrument Safe?

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Instruments are the main assets of a musician. Hence, it is essential to keep them in tip-top shape and situation no matter whether you’re using it or kept in storage. Whether it is a woodwind, brass, or string instrument, you should never overlook the significance to give special attention and care they deserve for eternal integrity and functions. You have made a huge investment in purchasing and managing them. So, store them in the right way and keep away from heat, humidity, and other climate changes to preserve them for many years to come.

Stands For Instrument


If you want to show your musical instrument to your family and friends when you play it, grab yourself one of the high-quality stands. A wide selection of stands are available for musicians such as folding ones, lightweight, conductor stands, sheet music stands, and lots more depending on the equipment you own. You’ll find stands for placing the large numbers of string instruments, wind instruments, brass equipment, and all. It not only provides the ease to play it whenever you want but also keep them safe by avoiding various sorts of marks and damages.

Professional musicians are widely preferring portable music stands that are quite easy to carry.

So, if you want to fully protect the finishing, look for the first-class finish-friendly stands that would not harm your device. When selecting a stand, keep some vital points in your mind such as what material it is made of, whether it is portable or not, does it perfectly fit your instrument size, and of course the pricing.

Tips To Protect Your Instruments In Storage Unit

tarcase hardtarcase

When it comes to storing your musical instrument, there are certain things that you must keep into consideration. Carefully select the most appropriate type of storage units to keep your gear safe from weather changes. Since different instruments are made using a different material, it seems highly confusing to decide which kind of storage unit will withstand the temperature and climate changes in all season. Hence, buy and use a climate-controlled storage unit that combines heat and central air to preserve a suitable temperature of 50-80 degrees. Further, the way you keep your musical instrument reflects its longevity. If stored rightly, your device will survive effectively in all conditions and will be ready to use whenever you want.

Here are some ways you can follow to protect your instrument in storage;

  • Clean Your Instruments Before Storage

Before storing your musical instrument, clean it properly to avoid corrosion and other damages. Wipe off any dirt, stains, and dust residue using a damp cloth. If it is of brass material, then polish it using the oil after cleaning. Similarly, if you’re using wooden string instrument, then apply some wax on it after removing the dust. Keep oil and alcohol away from the wood as it can cause dryness. Before putting a wooden instrument in the case, cover it completely with a cotton cloth. Relax the strings if you own guitars, violins, and cellos.

  • Be Careful About Electronics

Do you know that electronics inside instruments need extra special care and protection? Virtually installed on your computer, these types of instruments with digital interfaces and midi controllers need to be cleaned using air compressor by keeping some space between the keys and buttons.

  • Hard Case Made By Polystyrene

hardcase   salamuzik

    The excellent way to keep the musical instrument safe in storage is to keep dust away from it. That’s where you need original polystyrene hard case very useful to ensure long-term protection. If you no longer have its respective case, then buy it right away. Make sure that you choose only Polystyrene Fabric as it is one of the strongest fabric cases on the market. The exterior part is a stunningly designed waterproof casing for ultimate protection and safety from insects.

    One of the standout features of this variety of hard case is that it is the lightest case to carry and does not damage easily even if some other item falls on it. Wooden and plastic hard cases, on the other hand, are extremely heavy and are more prone to get damaged. A hard case keeps your device fully secure and safe by protecting harsh Ultraviolet rays and other environmental damages. Overall, this is a decent hard case with a strong outer shell, robust handle, supremely professional design, superb protection, and ultra-lightweight.

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    • Safely Get Your Instrument In The Storage

    fragilemusicalinstruments howtocarrymusicalinstrumentsafe

    Once you cleaned the instrument and purchased a hard case, store them simply and safely into the storage unit. Never try to put them forcefully, but take extra care to avoid the breakage and damage. Keep detailed photos to get an idea of what they looked like before storage. Never ever place your actual or electronic instruments directly onto the floor as it will increase the risk from the rodents and ground moisture.

    Keep smaller equipment on the shelves or hang them up on the wall. If you own mid-size instruments, pallets are the right choice to keep them off the floor. For example, if you’re storing a piano, put it on its feet as placing it on the sides for a long time can result in huge damage, which eventually affects its functioning. Make sure that there is some space between the instrument and the door of the storage unit. It will help you in preventing the negative effects of sudden changes in temperature.

    How To Keep Your Musical Equipment Safe On The Road?

    travellingwithmusicalinstruments carryingmusicalinstrumentontheroad

    Giving the utmost care to musical instruments is important not just while keeping them in the storage unit, but while you get in front of the crowd or on the road. The theft of musical equipment is quite a common problem nowadays that has set many guitar players and other musicians back thousands of dollars. There are some tips you can work upon to keep your device safe everywhere you go.

    • Advance Planning

    Lack of planning and preparation can result in many big incidents where musical instruments get broken or stolen. Before departure, make some advance planning of where the event or program will be organized, what security arrangements are available, and other basic logistic details that facilitate secure entrance and exit. Last-minute arrangements will result in poor control over things that end up negatively and insecure placement and safety of your stuff.

    • Secure & Smart Parking

    Besides protecting the musical instruments from weather conditions, dust, dirt, and insects, it is also important to safeguard them from a theft standpoint. Thus, never leave it unattended in the car or other places even not just for a few minutes. Be careful and park your expensive musical instruments in well-lit places, in front of the room door, against the wall, and near security cameras to protect them from being stolen.

    • Consider Insurance

    insuranceformusicalinstruments carryingmusicalinstrumentssafe

    Creating insurance for your musical instrument is essential to ensure it in case it gets stolen or broken. Different types of insurance are available ranging from getting it back in less or no time to remaining out of work for a long period of time until you replace it. Thus, if you don’t want to feel sorry, then get some insurance coverage for your device from a reliable company.

    • Prepare A List

    To ensure you get everything, make a list of all musical instruments you’re carrying along with you. Mention every vital point in your list such as instrument serial number, ownership documentation, identifying marks, and etc. It would help you in recovering the loss of theft or another problem occurs. A complete checklist makes it easier to account everything until you put it back safely in the desired case or storage unit.

    • Keep A Watcher

    If you own lots of musical instruments and have so many people to load them in and out of your vehicle, then keep a reliable professional to supervise loading process. Please note that sometimes remaining in the territory of friends and familiar people can result in a false sense of security. So, keep your musical gear intact.

    storage carryingmusicalinstrumentssafeontheroad

    • Don’t Miss The Airlines Policy

    While you’re traveling through airlines, don’t forget their policies regarding carry-ons and instruments. These policies may vary. Hence, before you go ahead for checking, ensure that your cases and set-ups are on the right point. Carefully read the airlines policies and then pack your musical devices accordingly.

    Over the last few years, many cases have been found where musicians give up their livelihoods by losing their valuable musical gears. Therefore, it is highly important to protect your instruments from unforeseen damages and the risk of theft.


    As a musician, your instruments are your valuable possession. Any damage and destruction will not only cost you a heavy toll but also shows a bad impact on your performance. If you don’t want your performance to go down due to poor care and lack of protection of your musical instrument, then keep them safe from big temperature variations, rodents, pollutants, ground moisture, and other damages.

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      I think anyone who enjoys playing a musical instruments would look after it. I play the drums which are in my garage, I don’t play then ever day but I do keep them clean an polish the chrome twice a week.

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