For Beginners, Tips to Play The Oud Instrument Better

Before giving advice about the oud instrument, it is useful to refresh the basic information about the oud instrument.

It is a large-bodied, short-necked lute-type stringed musical instrument used in Turkey, as well as in all Arab countries, including countries such as Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, as well as in Iran and Armenia. People who play the oud instrument are called "udi" after their name.

The top string of this musical instrument, which has 6 different string groups, is called the bam string. As for the question of how the plectrum of the oud instrument should be; It should be flexible and robust. If these conditions are not met, it will be difficult to obtain the necessary quality and efficiency from this musical instrument. Such small details can make a huge difference in the playing quality of the musical instrument.

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Be careful with your choice when buying ouds

First of all, if you are reading this article, you probably have a passion for playing a musical instrument. The biggest thing you need to have before buying a musical instrument is passion. If there is no passion in one's mind, after a while, he may get bored of playing a musical instrument. Because the process of playing a musical instrument requires a lot of effort and time. Many people give up on the learning process because they become discouraged over time. I hope your passion for music never leaves you.

It will take some serious time to become good at playing the oud. At this point, you should keep your expectations on devoting only learning at first. Of course, herein, it will be much better for your continuity to act with an instructor or online training in the learning process.

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When choosing an oud instrument, you must first determine your budget. The price scale of oud musical instruments can be very variable. One of the main reasons for this is that prices can vary depending on the materials used. But don't be upset. Our Oud instruments site is also available with a wide selection of products suitable for every budget.


Do finger exercises on the old to play fluently

 The primal oud instrument is a fretless musical instrument. It may be difficult at first to sit on the lap as the boat portion is large, but as time goes on this may become easier for you as your comprehension improves. The grip of the plectrum used to play the oud musical instrument may seem a little different to you, but as you get used to it, this will become much easier for you. Practicing a lot is very important at this point. With lots of practice for each note

The best way to hold an oud instrument steady is to sit on a chair and lean forward. In this way, you can have much more control while playing the oud instrument.



Choose the most suitable oud risha for yourself

The risha, made from the wing of a young and male eagle that used to be deposited in olive oil for a long time, is today replaced by a flexible and robust quality plastic material, 11–13 cm in length, 6 mm in width, 0.6-0.8 mm in wall thickness, and slightly tapered ends in parabolic as rounded and felt polished plectrums. In addition, medium flexibility plectrums made of plastic material called İ-20, which are manufactured today, are also preferred.

In addition, the degree of hardness and flexibility of the risha may vary according to the habits of the performer. It would not be appropriate to set a standard or condition in this regard. Because while some great performers preferred hard plectrums, some performers preferred softer and flexible plectrums.

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Be patient while learning the oud. Never lose your motivation

Instead of working for hours every day, it will be enough for you to set aside a certain time of the day. The most important thing here is to ensure continuity and to have a hunger for learning by always trying to keep motivation high.



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