Safeguarding Your Oud: Choosing the Best Oud Case or Bag for Protection

When you buy a new musical instrument, one of the things that can be forgotten at first is getting a protective case. However, protective covers are of great importance, especially in order to be able to use your musical instrument safely for many years. On long journeys, your musical instrument is exposed to possible knocks and the risk of being stolen. In order to minimize these dangers, the quality of the protective case you choose is also very important.


Understanding the Importance of Oud Protection: Why You Need a Quality Case or Bag

The oud, which is a fretless instrument, is in the category of stringed and plectrum instruments. Oud, which has a sound range of three octaves, has 11 or 12 strings. Oud consists of five main parts. These are the cover, chest, handle, auger, and strings. It is an instrument with 11 or 12 strings. The length of the oud musical instrument is 70 cm.

Since the oud instrument is a bit large in volume, it is important to put it in the right case and bag. On the other hand, being portable and useful is one of the points to be considered in terms of long-term use. The oud musical instrument should be placed on a flat, soft surface with the cover down and the boat up. If you have the opportunity, it can be placed in a special cabinet. 


Choosing the Right Oud Case

When choosing a quality case or bag for your oud, it will be visually appealing if it is stylish and elegantly designed. Psychologically, this situation has a positive effect.

Oud production is very important in craftsmanship. High-quality materials should be used to make oud bags.You can reach a conclusion by making comparisons when choosing products on the Internet.

Thick sponge oud bags can prevent the oud from being damaged, and the thick, adjustable straps make it more convenient to carry. It also protects against scratches. and make sure it's waterproof. All possibilities must be considered. Especially if you are a traveler, it would be good for you to choose an oud bag with a light structure. Having the appropriate shoulder straps is another key factor.

How to Properly Store Your Oud

Separate musical instruments should not be overly hot. This is vital for the quality of the oud. Wooden instruments that are exposed to extreme heat can cause the moisture balance of the wood used in the instrument's construction to deteriorate, causing a serious change in the instrument's sound.

The polish, even the glue used on the joints of the instrument, which is exposed to extreme heat, will begin to lose its properties due to the heat. This will cause damage to your instrument. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the temperature situation in the place where you will store it. It should not be in the most remote area of the house or in an area where you will cover too much to hide it.

If there is no excessive humidity, the oud instrument should not be touched at all. Loosening the strings and then tightening them again will damage the string. If it is out of tune for a long time, it may damage the string.


A Look at the Best Oud Cases and Bags on the Market 

As Sala music, we pay great attention to using high-quality materials and clean workmanship. We consider it a duty to prepare portable and useful oud bags. On the outside of our Oud bags, there are 3 separate pockets for accessories, iPads, and music sheets.
High-quality zippers
Padded shoulder straps
The outer bottom rubber guard protects your Oud from daily bumps and bruises.
Secure lockable zipper

Oud's face is very thin, and it can crack if a small, hard object touches it. You can choose one of the oud bag covers on our website to protect your valuable Oud from the slightest bumps. The oud bag cover is also very comfortable to use. If you have purchased an oud instrument, you will be very comfortable in your daily use by purchasing a very useful Oud case cover like this one.

Our ouds are classified as standard ouds, professional ouds and special ouds according to the needs of the player. Our special ouds are made by famous oud masters who are experts in their work.

Once you decide, you can physically visit our stores and try the oud bags to find the best-fitting instrument bags for you. If that is not possible, you can look at the various OUD bag models in our catalog on our website. The details, such as the dimensions of the oud bags, the materials it is made of, and the price, are given alongside each oud model. 



As Sala Muzik, we aim to provide you with the best service. Follow us to learn more about the instrument in the Middle East, view our products, and get more information! You can visit our YouTube channel


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