All You Need to Know About Handpan

Handpans are a type of musical instrument that are played by striking the surface with the hands. These instruments are often made of metal and have a unique, soothing sound that is similar to that of a steel drum. Handpans are a relatively new type of instrument, having only been developed in the past few decades, but they have quickly gained popularity among musicians and music lovers alike.

Handpan History

Having a very plain and simple design, the handpan, or "hang," as it is known, is a musical instrument that was first produced in Switzerland in 2000.

Described as a "hypnotic instrument,"  the Handpan musical instrument was produced as a percussion instrument by Swiss Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer as a result of long research and investigation they carried out in different parts of the world.

Although its creators developed 45 different models between 2001 and 2005, Hang, which does not have a settled rule or method for playing, has been researched, extending to Indonesia and South India. The handpan musical instrument is estimated to be manufactured in 400 pieces per year.

They are thought to be inspired by the instrument called the "steel drum," which originated in the Caribbean and was very popular in Europe in the 1970s.


Handpan Characteristics

The handpan, an entirely steel musical instrument, is placed on the lap and played using the hand and fingers. The instrument, which belongs to the group of idiophones, has a sound reminiscent of harp, gong, or harmonic tones. The bonding of two hollow steel sheet materials from their edges reveals the formation of the handpan musical instrument. Different sounds and notes are obtained through vibration by hitting small pits on its surface.

You can immediately enchant the listeners by adding a mystical atmosphere to the environment when you start playing handpan.

It can be listened to as a solo.

 If you want to discover a new musical instrument as a hobby, Handpan musical instrument may be very suitable for you. On the other hand, you can have a very different experience as it is still an instrument that is open to development.

How to play the handpan

The handpan is different from other musical instruments we are used to. It is one of the rare musical instruments that gives peace to people. The handpan, which does not have a specific playing style, does not have a specific note order and notes like other musical instruments. Sounds are obtained through vibration by hitting seven pits on the surface.

The hole at the bottom is called "gudur." Thanks to this hole, sound vibration occurs. Also, apart from the hole named "gudur," the remaining section is flat. The tone of voice that makes Hang different psychologically relaxes the listener.

You can see street performers playing this musical instrument. In many European cities and Istanbul.


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