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All About Rebab Instrument



The rebab instrument is an instrument that dates back to ancient times. Let's touch on a few points that will answer the questions of those who are interested in the rebab instrument.

What Is Rebab


The rebab is a stringed instrument with various forms that emerged in Islamic geography and Central Asia. The body of the rebab, which emerged as a type of reed, is made by threading the skin into a coconut shell. The number of strings in the rebab is between one and five, but we usually see that it consists of three strings. It is known as a pes instrument. The handle of the rebab is made of hardwood in the form of a cylinder. Under its body, a stick, usually made of the same wood as the handle, is passed out through the tub, and this stick acts as afoot. A bow made of horsetail hair is used while playing the rebab. Rebab can be played easily after it is stuck between the knees.


History Of Rebab


We mentioned that the rebab is a very old instrument. In Iran, Arabian, Pakistan, India, and Anatolian geographies, string, and plectrum instruments were called rebab. The rebab has a wide distribution and is used in a wide variety of musical genres. There are several types of rebab and some of them are Turkish Rebab, Egyptian Rebab, and Maghrib Rebab. The Turkish Rebab is a type of instrument developed from Iklığ, the instrument of the Central Asian Turks. Its body is made of coconut and the front is made of leather. Although its strings were made of horsehair and gut-style materials in ancient times, steel strings are now used and are three-strand. Egyptian Rebab is similar to Turkish Rebab. Its strings are horsehair and it has two strings. Its body is slightly smaller than the Turkish Rebab. The Maghreb Rebab is different. Its body and stem are carved from wood. 


Rebab Instrument For Sale


The rebab was one of the most common instruments used in the Ottoman Empire until the 18th century. However, with the increasing popularity of the violin from the west and its place in Turkish music in the 18th century, the interest in the rebab declined. That's why the popularity of the rebab is not as high as it used to be. Therefore, people who want to buy rebabs have difficulty in finding rebabs of the quality they expect. It is important to find a good rebab, as the rebab is a different instrument that requires more care and attention during its making than other instruments. When buying a rebab, it is important to buy a rebab that you trust in its quality, has a nice sound, and is suitable for you.

Although it seems that the popularity of the rebab instrument has decreased recently, it is very important for the music world. If you want to be the owner of quality, carefully produced Rebab and want to get information, you can contact us.

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