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Black Sea Kemence     
        Northern Anatolian folkloric music cannot be separated from Kemence. It is the main musical instrument of the Black Sea folklor with its melancholic sound. Although there are two instruments named Kemence, one known as the Fasıl Kemence and the other known as the Black Sea (Karadeniz) Kemence, the latter is very different than the other. The Black Sea Kemence has three parts; the neck, the body, and the stem. It is carved out from a single wood, has strings and is played with a dom.

        Black Sea Kemence is an ethnic music instrument that celebrates the diversity of Anatolian culture. Although it is mostly mistaken for the Fasil Kemence, it does not have a standard size like other folkloric instruments. Professional musicians usually play a 56 cm long Kemence which is made of juniper or plum wood. When played, unlike most of the stringed musical instruments, the sound is produced via dom and fingernails.

The Structure of Kemence

The Kemence has three parts. Its body is carved out of wood. Although it does not have a standard size, most of the professionals prefer 50-60 cm long kemence to play. It has strait sights and a flat back which is easy to handle during playing it afoot or sitted. The chest of Kemence is very thin and usually is made of spruce or fir. Its most distinctive feature is the raised dome. It is there to overcome the pressure being put on the strings while playing.

The Melancholic Sound of Kemence

The small pegs on the Kemence's body are attached at the back of it and there are three strings. The sound of Kemence is rather distinctive and  very gritty. The number of chromatic tones being produced by the Kemence is related to the melancholy of the Black Sea climate. In fact, it is the most associated musical instrument with the culture of Black Sea and its people. 

Strong Bonds With Culture

Kemence is a typical Turkish instrument. It is played by many people in Karadeniz region. It is always played when people dance in the region. Horon is a famous folk dance of Black Sea and is very popular in Turkey.  It represents the region and makes the native sound symbolic of Turkey. Turkomen in Antalya region also use Kemence in their native sound and ethnic music.

Key  Quality Features

Kemençe is a tuned instrument and has a one octave range. Kemençe has an important predominance in parallel fourths and this feature is its strength. It can be played both as an ensemble with other traditional instruments and as solo. Although most of the folk instruments are played polyphonically, Kemence is played both melodically and polyphonically.

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