5 Ways to Play The Oud Instrument Effectively

Music is part of our life. As music continues to exist, new genres emerge every day. The most important thing we need to perform all kinds of music is the oud instrument itself. We can make the sound we want with musical instruments. The oud has been one of the most significant instruments that have existed since ancient times.

Musical instruments are classified into three according to the way they are played. These are percussion instruments, woodwind instruments, and string instruments. The way the instrument is played and the sounds it makes are different for each class. Strings or string instruments are the most common category of instruments in most music. Playing string instruments is as enjoyable as listening to the sound of string instruments. String instruments are found in almost every culture and region. String instruments always show their difference everywhere. What are 5 ways to play the oud effectively? In this article, we will share with you what is curious about the subject.

All About Oud Instrument   


Oud is a musical instrument of Arab origin. It originated in North Africa and spread to Europe over time. The oud is the oldest Arabian musical instrument. The oud played a primary role at the beginning of the Middle Eastern musical tradition. In short, the oud is also known as the ancestor of the European lute. The sound of the oud instrument comes out of its hollow body. With the vibration of the strings, the sound comes out of the empty body. This musical instrument has two main distinguishing features.

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Is It Hard To Play Oud?


The oud is a great instrument for its versatility. If you play the oud, you can play Greek music, Indian music, Iranian music, Chinese music, Japanese music, and more. The oud is the grandfather of not only the guitar but also Buzuki, Mandolin, Chinese Pipa, and Japanese Biwa. The ultimate tool for the ethnomusicologist. Indeed, the Oud should be their instrument of choice as it can play the music of many different cultures.

The most important detail to pay attention to when using the plectrum is to hold it parallel to the strings of the oud and to guide your wrist with up and down movements. These wrist movements that you will do while playing the oud are significant. The movements that you would have difficulty with at first will become elegant movements that you will get used to and keep under control.

When you continue to work patiently and practice without discouraging your enthusiasm, you will better understand how enjoyable it is to play the oud and how important it is for Turkish music. You can achieve success by patiently practicing playing the oud, which you need to know notes. You should not interrupt your exercises and follow your lessons regularly. In this way, you can achieve success and lose yourself in the melodies of this unique musical instrument.

How To Play Oud Instrument?


The ud has a back part consisting of 20 or 21 equal parts. The oud, which is a plectrum musical instrument, has a much longer plectrum than other plectrum musical instruments.

It is how the oud is played. Oud lessons are given in music courses for those who are wondering how to learn the oud, which is a difficult instrument to learn among stringed instruments. In the oud course, students are given information on subjects such as oud tuning, oud division, and oud strings.

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