Discount For Persian - Turkish - Kurdish - Arabic Musical Instruments

9 comments / Posted on by Veysel Sala

For all buyers we have %5 discount.

Discount Code: SalaMuzik



  • Posted on by Abbas ZANDI

    One of the best website to get instrument . You guys besttttttttttttt

  • Posted on by Tampakis Dionysios NAFPLIO

    İyi akşamlar.
    Bu aleti almak istiyorum.

    Turkish Cumbus Yaylı Tanbur By Zeynel Abidin CYT-211

    Yunanistan’a gönderir misin?

    Teşekkür ederim.

  • Posted on by Apostolos

    Perfect percussion!!!!

  • Posted on by B. Jarihi

    I ordered a Persian kamancheh from Salamuzic , I received it in excellent condition. They also provided me with several kamancheh accessories in perfect condition.I am determined to do most of my future transactions with them.

  • Posted on by Eric Johnson

    I bought the “High Quality Khatam Tonbak Tombak SHZ-505-4” last year. I’m SUPER happy with it! Everything from the excellent tuning that was done by the maker, the sounds I can get out of the drum, and the way it looks. It is unbelievable the amount of work that must have gone into making it, so many hours! In view of all the long hours it must have taken to make it, the price seems like a steal to me! Oh, it’s so beautiful – I have lots of drums and most of them my wife wants me to hide in a closet when I’m not playing them. But not this one, it gets proudly displayed in the living room when it’s not being played, at her insistence.

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